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August 2, 2012

Girly Girl

Confession time: There is still a big part of me that has no idea what to do with a 14 month-old toddler running around the house. Or a 14 month-old in public. Or a 14 month-old ... at all. Cue to yesterday, in Gap, when both Maile and I had a meltdown after she threw her lemonade all over the floor of the store. The lemonade that I bribed her with mere minutes before. Yep. Mom of the Year -- that's me! Also, she never has refined sugar; I paid for that lemonade later. ::nudge nudge:: 

But even after her very first public tantrum (you better believe that's going in her baby book) it's been a lot of fun to think of her as a mini-me (or mini-Tim, as it is). Above are a few things I've come across that make me smile. Sources below.

1. Pride & Prejudice: A BabyLit Board Book | 2. Alligator clips: straight from The Preppy Handbook, and the only thing that holds my baby's extra-fine hair. | 3. The sweetest print -- quoting Audrey, of course -- for her room. | 4. Organic American Sign Language blocks! Every Denver baby's dream. | 5. Little handmade shoes. Amazing. | 6. Herringbone trousers, with frill! | 7. A vintage doll case


  1. 14 months is a hard age. I remember it well :) But they are so cute and still feel like babies. Cute roundup of girly items!

  2. oh gosh, i'm definitely dreading that first day when my baby has their first meltdown in public. never fun.
    and all of these finds are absolutely perfect! those hand made shoes are so delicate. and i love the alligator clips. what fun patterns and colors!
    xo TJ