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August 13, 2012

Guest Post: Kiddie Car Wash, from Alicia Hinrichs

I'm sure you've seen the picture floating around Pinterest of a completely awesome "kiddie car wash."
Well, my husband is home (finally) from being at commissioned officer training with the Air Force.  While he was away, and I was (and still am) enormously pregnant with baby number 3, I had a 4 year old and 2 year old to keep entertained on my own for a very long 5 weeks.  I would love to take credit for building something as awesome as the picture above (credit sfgate.com), but I'm tired, cheap, and did I mention 8 months pregnant in the Texas heat?  

Disney's Family Fun Magazine (online) has a great tutorial for building a kiddie car wash of your own.  Here is a link if you don't feel like getting creative.

As for our house, I was fortunate enough to have a bunch of PVC pipes and connectors already cut and ready to go.  They serve dual purpose as a frame for a tent my kids got for Christmas 2 years ago.  Here is my blog post on our fun "Pinterest Monday."

My new friend, Claire, likes to do what she calls "Pinterest Mondays."  Which is great, considering I have hundreds of "pins" that I've never done and Monday is the only day of the week we are allowed to use our outside water/water the grass.  I already had the PVC pipe and connectors from a tent the kids had inside at our old place.  I just drilled some holes in the top bars, duct taped the hose in and the open connectors shut and voila! An extremely basic (yet just as fun as the fancy ones) car wash!  The kids loved it, it's totally reusable for another car wash OR the inside tent and it only cost $1.25 for the roll of duct tape.  I LOVE when stuff works out for free or nearly free. :)  We invited our neighbor friends over for some wet morning fun.

I think Kara enjoyed it the most.  She got SUPER fast at that loop around, and around, and around ...

 Jon's tongue always hangs out when he's really excited.

I told you, it's about as basic as it gets.

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