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August 21, 2012

Northern California: Our Arrival

Don't worry mamas -- she's drinking water.

Kevin and Jamie's wedding site.

Even after a full day of flying, and a wedding rehearsal in 107-degree heat, Baby Girl still had enough energy for some grocery shopping (coupon in hand) with her Tutu.

Our trip to California was great. I wasn't quite sure what we signed ourselves up for, flying halfway across the country with a toddler. I knew it'd be difficult ... and parts of it were ... like Maile's sleep schedule being completely thrown off. But when we arrived in Mr. M's hometown, and drove straight to our friends' wedding rehearsal, we knew it was going to be a special trip. 

It was wonderful to reconnect with some of our most favorite people, the majority of whom we hardly ever get to see. Eating some amazing food. And spending time in that California sunshine.


  1. Oh it's so fun to reconnect! And the fact that there's good food makes it even better! Ugh your daughters hair is so so pretty!! Hope you have a great time the rest of your time in California! Xoxo

  2. oh my, a wedding rehearsal at 107 degree weather? that sounds awful! and what a cutie! so glad to hear you had a great trip to california!
    xo TJ