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August 24, 2012

Northern California: Part II

Private plane of some family friends. Maile's mind was absolutely blown, seeing this baby take off!

Jamie, the bride, with groomsmen, left to right: Morris, Keith, Ryan, Evan, Kurt, and Mr. M. The "umpire", Tyler, in the back, officiated the wedding!

The above 3 photos are the property of Kevin Youngblood, and are being used with written permission.

It was 104 degrees, mid-afternoon, and sunny, which is why my child looks like she is melting -- and, by this point, lost her shoes and bow. Not to worry! She stayed well-hydrated with water, ice chips, approximately half a watermelon, and Mama's milk. And yes, that is my swimsuit underneath my outfit. It was that kind of wedding ... Gotta admit, I dug it. Thanks to our friend Carrie for the family snapshot!

Bride Jamie made the budget, and eco-friendly choice to use faux blooms ... I was fooled, until I snuck up to the head table for this picture! Gorgeous!

The wedding cakes were made by the mother of our friend Kurt. Yes, it did taste as good as it looks. 

Going through these pictures makes me want to go back. Not for good, but I miss our family and friends.

Traveling for a week, halfway across the country, with a toddler, was absolutely exhausting ... But I'd do it all the time, if we could. We rarely left someplace without leaving a mess behind us (though we tried to clean up as much as we could). It's a bit hard to deal with a little one who's used to a very specific bedtime routine, when you aren't at home. And mostly, we had to carry Maile everywhere, because she just isn't used to being around so many people. 

But I love that we are constantly making memories, as a family. Trying not to be held back by Little Miss' age (or demands). 


  1. oh gosh, i can only image how hard it can be for traveling with a little toddler and dealing with 104 degree weather. i would die!!
    and i love that the groomsmen are wearing giants shirts. too funny!
    xo TJ

    1. Yes indeed! The groom (a childhood friend of Mr. M's) is a die-hard Giants fan ... And the bride took that and ran with it! Themed weddings aren't my personal cup o' tea, but the event fit this couple well. :)

  2. I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

    1. Thank you so much! Your blog is super sweet, too ... Branding is to die for!

  3. what a fun wedding!

    i don't have kids of my own but i do have 21 toddlers to myself every day at work...so i can't imagine traveling with one!

    1. Yes, we had a blast!

      I really can't complain -- even when she's "not", Maile is an incredibly well behaved little girl. We're blessed!