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August 22, 2012

What We Wore - California Edition

Our first day in NorCal, the forecasted high was 110 degrees. At one point in the day, our rental SUV read 117, and I'm positive it was right. It's hard to be fashionable in that kind of heat, but we tried.

Here's what we wore!

On Maile: Bow: Handmade | Tee: Gymboree | Skirt: Gymboree | Sandals: Gymboree

On Mama: Tank: J.Crew | Shorts: American Eagle (similar here) | Sandals: LuLu*s | Sunglasses: American Eagle | Earrings: Gorjana (similar here)

In our family, the fact that I am a stay-at-home / work-at-home (during the school year) mama, and wife to a roughneck, means we are on a strict budget. We typically shop for clothing once or twice a year, so I tend to stick to quality basics, and mix them up with more trendy accessories.

I used to have a huge problem with lusting after designer clothing (okay, sometimes I still do), but the fact of the matter is, the great majority of it just doesn't fit our lifestyle. I find that if I am able to incorporate one piece here or there from time to time -- here, my earrings -- it keeps me feeling like I am meeting that acutely girly need of mine.

We also strive to be a cash-only family ... something we are fairly successful with. This does limit where we shop, but I also feel that all of these things will make this feature more accessible. In sum, be kind. :) I'm 4'10", and I ain't no Gisele, but I know I'm going to enjoy these posts, and I hope you will too!


  1. Love love love your sandals!! And your baby's cute little bow and skirt! You are 4'10?! Wow I didn't picture you that short, that's so cool though! We also only shop for clothes once or twice a year, we live 7 hours away from a decent mall so it makes for a huge treat/vacation when we do go!

  2. Love it! I think I'm going to love these posts, too. With them I can stalk your wardrobe and do it without having to text you to ask you where you got things!

  3. can't wait for these future posts. you are way too cute, girl! enjoy that california sunshine!!
    xo TJ

  4. Cash only is the way to be! and 110 degrees? way too hot ;)

  5. Haha, Andrea! Yes ... I am a shooor-ty.

    Thank you, Emily and TJ! Encouragement is so nice.

    Kylee, I agree -- It can be hard sometimes, though. :) And I agree. 110? Much too hot!