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October 3, 2012

"Are you a good mom, or a bad mom?"

I'm not entirely sure how this escaped my notice yesterday afternoon, but it happened. This may surely be the post that causes some of you to question me as a mom, but if Maile had more words, I'm pretty sure she'd tell you I'm awesome. At least, that I was awesome yesterday afternoon. ;)

I was talking to Mr. M yesterday -- before he went to the man camp chow hall to get some dinner -- going on and on about how much fun Baby Girl and I were having with Annie and Silas at Hudson Gardens, including this great little hay bale maze ... and he was all, "Uh ... Are you sure that's a good idea?" Because, you see, I have a severe allergy to hay. Like, my eyes swell shut and my throat starts to close, severe. But, I was inadvertently prepared! I took my allergy medication before Maile and I left the house, as Annie had told me that Hudson Gardens has a little-sized hay maze set up. I also happened to have Children's Benadryl on me, because Maile's nose has been running like a faucet lately, and while I hate medicating her, Benadryl has made life a little easier on both of us. 

In other exciting news, Maile does not share my extreme hay allergy. I got to see her frolic through bales of golden glorious-ness, peek-a-boo-ing with us as she went! And Maile and Silas climbing hay bales was the cutest thing I ever did see! I'm thinking a hay ride with Dada is in order this autumn (that one I will skip).

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

PS - Thank to all who expressed interest in guest blogging for me next week. I'm happy to say that Standpipe & Sprinkles is full-up. We'll have some old friends coming back, and I'll be introducing some new bloggers too! Lots to look forward to -- I'm so excited!


  1. She's looking so OLD. I love her little outfit. Beautiful pictures. Glad you had fun and didn't die ;).

    1. You're tellin' me! I keep saying that she needs to quit growing, but she just doesn't listen to me.

      Can you believe it -- Her entire outfit is made of hand-me-downs and thrift finds. Not even $10 for that little ensemble. I'm addicted.

  2. I'm glad you survived! Hurrah for being a fantastic mama! Maile is blessed to have you! xoxo

    1. Yes, I escaped with only itchy eyes, and a minor rash on my legs (gone this morning). The things we do to capture photos of our children! ;)

      Thank you, friend!

  3. Beautiful photos! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. :)

    And I'm glad you escaped with little symptoms. I will be honest, I had never heard of someone being allergic to hay before!

    1. Thank you so much!

      Haha. Yes, it is a real, legit thing. If you're ever curious about any allergy existing, just ask me -- I probably have it! LOL. But seriously ... Except to food. Thank goodness!