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April 9, 2013

A Tuesday Look at Our Weekend

Now that I posted about Easter, I'm going to skip ahead to this past weekend, which was pretty fantastic itself. When the weather is in the 60s and 70s, I feel more in sync -- emotionally, physically, spiritually. I'm not one of those who's always craving the next season. No, I'd be happy with spring and summer weather year-round! Probably why I'm (only half jokingly) still trying to convince Tim that we should sell our house, and make a permanent move to Hawaii, so Maile can grow up in the land of her ancestors (our other choices being England or Scotland, which are cold). ;) It felt like Tim's days home went by particularly fast this time, so I suppose there's a slight downside to beautiful weather, but we sure did enjoy it.

Above two photos from Tim's Instagram account.

Friday, we finally became zoo members, and met up with some friends for a day of fun. Trying to get three toddlers to move through the zoo at a reasonable pace is like corralling monkeys, but it didn't really matter; we meandered through the zoo, laughing along with our silly littles. For a weekday, it was really crowded, but the Denver Zoo is one of the most spacious zoos I've ever visited, and the whole city seemed to have it worked out that even though all of us decided to go to the zoo that day, we would be polite and kind. I did see one mom there in 5-inch wedges and a little shift dress. She was pushing a pram, with a baby no more than 3 months old inside, and holding the hand of a toddler (who also looked adorable). I have to admit that my first thoughts were mean-spirited: Who does she think she is, dressing like that to come to the zoo? But she looked wonderful, and I checked my heart and realized that I -- in my chino shorts, sweatshirt, bare face, and ponytail -- was just a bit jealous. I do want to know what her secret is to walking a few hours on uneven pavement in those shoes, though!

Saturday, we went to the home of some friends, and were treated to some grilled Jamaican chicken and sweet plantains. It was such a nice time, and for whatever reason, Maile always eats a ton at everyone's house except ours! We hung out most of the day, trying a couple of new microbrews (the variety is endless here in Colorado), playing with the kids, and chatting about our big camping trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park coming up in June. We watched a bit of basketball, let Maile fall asleep on the drive home, and had a fairly great evening, too.

Sunday was kind of a tough day, but my new friend Helen invited me and Maile over for a chicken nacho dinner, and it ended up being just what Maile and I needed that evening; I can't believe how much we laughed in those few hours. We talked about the fact that, as mothers, it's hard to give ourselves a break when we raise our voices, or just want some time alone. But the thing is, we all do, from time to time ... and it's okay! It's such a great feeling, to bond with another mom in person.

I've been a little down. I've been comparing myself to others too much, wondering how some moms "do it all." (I've come to the conclusion that they either ignore their children, or don't sleep. Ha.) As such a particular perfectionist, it's easy for me to get overwhelmed, so the weekend was incredibly therapeutic. There is just so much more to life than perfection; if that's my goal, I'm going to be disappointed, for sure.

I hope your weekend was great! And if it wasn't, don't be afraid to share. The mess is beautiful, too.


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  1. the zoo is always such a fun activity to do with children! How fun! and don't feel down, you are a super mom too! being a mom is the hardest job, and you do a great job at it!

  2. This entire post resonated with me, dear friend. First, the woman at the zoo in heels...yep. Those thoughts would have been my thoughts too. But it's so true, so much of those irritated thoughts step from a jealous heart, which is so not pretty. Thanks for the heart-check.
    I love that you were able to have such a therapeutic weekend. I've come to the conclusion that no moms are able to do it all, but the little glimpse we get through social media tells us that they do. You are doing a wonderful job, especially when you remember that you live a life where your hubby works so hard a way from home, and you don't get many breaks from your sweet little one. Give yourself some grace (and come to my house for coffee!!!) Love you! xo

  3. Aaawww the 2nd photo is too precious! 2 sweet-looking children. you should frame that up! :)

  4. AMEN to spring and happy and peaceful and ZOO!
    Man can I relate to this post.
    We love our zoo membership.
    Sometimes we just for for an hour and play in the park there.

  5. Oh hon...I am the QUEEN at comparing myself to others...and I continually think I am not doing enough...or that one rough day makes me a terrible momma! Hugs hon! I wish we lived closer!!
    ♥ Kyna

    1. Me too! Maybe we'll make a trip down your way sometime. :)

  6. Katie. Girl you do so much more than what you think. I work part time and from the time I get home to the time my husband gets home from work, I feel like the life has been drained from me. You are a superhero doing this for days before your hubby is home. What you do is truly admirable, I know i would be bald by now, if i were in your place. And I agree with Kristin, social media just gives a glimpse. Sure not every mom is going to post a picture of her pouring a glass of wine because her day was tough, or the corner of her house where all the dirty laundry and unfolded clothes are. that may just be me. but you get my point, right? haha.

    1. Thank you so much for being the encouragement I needed tonight, Leah!

  7. I think comparing yourself to others is a pre-requisite to being a mother ;) (As I sit here feeling guilty for having my son in my lap to read this and thinking, we should be doing something fun like the zoo HA!) I love that your posts are so relatable! I could certainly use some of that 60-70 degree weather here in Utah if you want to send it our way!
    - Paige

    1. Oh gosh, I can't tell you how many times thoughts just like that have run through my head! Thanks, Paige.

      PS - It's supposed to snow here in Colorado on Monday. What is UP with this weather?

    2. Oh, don't worry, it was a blizzard here this morning! ugh...

  8. I love that- So much more to life that perfection. It's in the imperfections that we grow, learn and lean on God most. Those are the times that count! You're such a good mama :) I hate comparing myself to others, too...but it's totally a thing that happens sometimes.